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About I.P.S

I.P.S is a unified payment service that provides various payment methods include online, offline, and mobile payment service from one platform. I.L.P connects to payment methods across the world. Since our system is open-ended, you can save your time and money even if you need to add the new feature to the system. You can better control your business with minimizing errors.

Customer Network

Network organization with new, existing customer

Internal and External Interface

Transmits and publishes authorized data between the customer and the user

Terminal and receipt paper

Provide and Operate Terminal equipment. Provide and save receipt

Additional Services

Various additional services, Customer Service, Mobile payment, etc.

Benefit of Alliex Solution

Alliex’s systems offer Full Scale customized solutions based on evolving payment methods.

Alliex’s acquiring system enhance your business volume of on/offline transaction by using advanced technology

Based on our extensive experience in the card industry, we can quickly and accurately process services to meet your needs and increase your business efficiency with high availability

We provide customizing pricing strategy for each merchants, it will lead to grow your revenue

Alliex provides compliance and risk management, operations management and consulting, and technical services

Card Processing System

Alliex has the best solution to lead Card processing business successfully. With experiences with many banks, we can provide a solution and a service that others cannot do. Moreover, we can give an answer with One-stop solution to many card processors that look for a resolution to approach to a new market strategically.
If you are with Alliex for card processing business, you can make more profit with our technical skills and know-how.

Main Functions

Alliex’s innovative total financial solution complies all regulations and lives up to customers with effective and innovative service.
Alliex Card Processing system helps you to do overall Card processing business of overseas Card schemes.

Card scheme Acquiring

Acquiring management (Evaluation, Decision, Confirmation)

Merchant management

Settlement management

Chargeback management

Others (F/X, Fraud etc.)

wire and wireless POS Infra

Wired terminals


Signature pad

Mid-range wireless terminal

High end wireless terminal

mPOS reader