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non-facing financial services

Users can now open accounts, issue cards, and subscribe to financial services without visiting a financial institution.
Non-facing financial services that satisfy both authentication, security and convenience are based on high-level technology.

Sensor technology of Smartphone

Provides various scanning functions using camera

Healthcare service through motion sensor

Security authentication method through fingerprint recognition and face recognition

Data transmission / reception between smartphones via proximity sensor

mobile payment via Ble, NFC

Point of sale payments for the store of the future

As a result, we can deliver the highest possible payment success rate for every transaction.

Block Chain Electronic Payment Service

The block chain trading system for mobile electronic wallet services provides a transparent and reliable trading environment for both users and merchants.

Alliex System Archtecture


Application of bio-verification technology such as fingerprint, iris, facial, retina recognition

the place where the security are paramount, or it can be used in a variety of non-facing channels where security is relatively weak

Utilizing temporary data (Token) to prevent leakage of personal information

Network-based or gateway-based

For mobile payment, two-factor authentication(Pin number+ fingerprints) can be used