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Frequently Asked Questions

about MCP Service

What is MCP Service?

Multi Currency Pricing(MCP) service is a customer satisfaction service to make customer to pay with preferred currency when Visa, Master and JCB are used on Overseas Online shopping malls to purchase any products or service.

What is the advantage of using MCP Serive?

As a customer satisfaction service, a customer can pay with their preferred currency and check converted amount with provided F/X hourly (Once in an hour) on online payment page. Customers can manage their fund effectively since they can know how much will be billed in advance, because of that merchants can attract more and more foreign customers and make high profit for sure.

Which currencies are supported to use MCP Service?

USA(USD), Europe(EUR), Japan(JPY), Singapore(SGD), Australia(AUD), Hong Kong(HKD), Thailand(THB), England(GBP), Canada(CAD), Russia(RUB), Taiwan(TWD), Malaysia(MYR), Vietnam(VND), Philippines(PHP), Mongol(MNT), New Zealand(NZD), United Arab Emirates(AED), Macao(MOP), Brazil(BRL), Kazakhstan(KZT), Norway(NOK), Saudi Arabia(SAR), Turkey(TRY) 23 currencies are supported.

What kind of business are not appropriate to use MCP Service?

Any sites which sell such as Alcoholic beverages, Online gambling site, Illegal pornography, Obscene material, Firearms / Swords, Narcotics, Employment and recruitment services for adult entertainment, selling imitation brand goods, ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), Sales of used-cars, Loan F/X(Foreign Exchange), Pure gold or silver (for cash ability), Prescription Medication or any business offending against public morals are prohibited to use MCP service.

How often is F/X updated?

F/X for DCC is updated once in a day and hourly for MCP.

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