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About WeChat Pay

Mobile payments account for more than 90% of Chinese

Wechat Pay rapidly becoming a major payment method for Chinese shoppers which is based on a messaging app “Wechat”.

China is the largest and fastest-growing mobile payments market in the world and WeChat is the primary payment method for Chinese which has 8billion MAU users. WeChat started to use it for text messaging and life moment sharing, WeChat pay has more accessibility as mobile payment.

About WeChat Pay Payment

WeChat pay is developed by Tencent and provided by KEB Hana Card and Alliex in Korea.
Now you can use WeChat pay when you visit Korea. You can easily pay with a single-use bar code and QR code without a credit card or cash.

Let’s find out! How to Process WeChat Pay

You can use WeChat pay both online and offline market

How to Process WechatPay

  Offline (In-Store) payment


Select Wechat wallet

Generating QR code

Select Quick Pay

Let the merchant

Scan your barcode

Payment complete


Mobile receipt

Push message via Smartphone

  Online (PC/App) payment

PC/App payment

Checkout Page

Select Wechat Pay

Select among other payment method


confirm the order and proceed the payment

Enter password

Enter Wechat payment password

Payment complete

Receive the receipt via Smartphone

AlliexPOS App Service