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Frequently Asked Questions

About DCC Service

What is DCC Service?

DCC Service (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is the service to make foreign customers choose to pay with their home currency (the credit card issued country’s currency) or KRW when they pay by VISA & MasterCard & JCB.

Why do we need DCC Service?

DCC Service shows converted amount into home currency applied fixed F/X of the day to a customer whose credit card is issued in overseas and he/she can pay by a credit card with the amount which displays as it is.
Especially, it is convenient for foreign customers to know the exact billing amount when they pay by a credit card. A merchant can have an effect to decrease merchant fee for overseas credit card thanks to fees on transactions which make with VISA, MASTER or JCB by home currency.

Who is an available Merchant for using DCC Service?

DCC is a service for customers who have foreign credit card basically.
The business area using DCC service is Hotels, Duty free shops, Luxurious brands, Souvenir shops, Tourism industry, Aviation companies and so on which have many customers with overseas credit card.

Which currencies are supported to use DCC Service?

USA(USD), Europe(EUR), Japan(JPY), Singapore(SGD), Australia(AUD), Hong Kong(HKD), Thailand(THB), England(GBP), Canada(CAD), Russia(RUB), Taiwan(TWD), Malaysia(MYR), Vietnam(VND), Philippines(PHP), Mongol(MNT), New Zealand(NZD), United Arab Emirates(AED), Macao(MOP), Brazil(BRL), Kazakhstan(KZT), Norway(NOK), Saudi Arabia(SAR), Turkey(TRY), China(CNY) 23 currencies are supported.
Basically USD is paid for other currencies that above, it is negotiable with Acquirer and Card schemes according to merchant request.

Can be a customer exposed to a risk for F/X fluctuation when using DCC Service?

Every authorization, refund and cancellation will be handled with F/X at the moment of payment. So there is nothing a Customer needs to take care of.

Is it possible to pay by Credit/Debit card issued in domestic on DCC POS?

DCC POS is an optional function in a normal POS so it provides the same function with CAT/POS.

Is it possible to apply DCC Service when the payment is made with Union pay card?

In case of Union pay, it is not possible to apply DCC service due to their policy. Provided that, Union pay Visa and Union pay MasterCard can apply DCC service.

Is it possivle for a cardholder to check applied F/X rate before choosing payment currency?

Before a customer choose a currency, they will get an offer receipt in advance and F/X will be displayed on a sign-pad which is connected with DCC Service POS.

How often is F/X updated?

Fixed F/X is applied. (Once in a day)
*Possible to change according to request

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