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Alliex connect with

digital world via Mobile
Let your users experience more powerful and convenient payments via mobile services provided by Alliex. A positive experience in payment will greatly accelerate to the growth your business.

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QR code payment- AlliexPOS Application

Merchants who want to introduce the WeChat pay service in Korea and Japan can quickly use the services only by downloading the Alliex POS App and it has no need to install any device. Alliex POS app help you expand quickly, manage risk, and track results for WeChat Pay. (Alliex POS app is downloadable for free on the App store as well as in the Android Market.)


O2O Service

Just single click-customers can experience frictionless payment no matter how they choose to pay for online or offline. We offer optimized services for users who want to pay for local payments, such as credit card, WeChat pay, Alilpay.

Frictionless mobile payments

Make it easy with mobile, Increased revenue with smart processing

TCO Cost saving

Significantly reduces the cost of introducing mobile payment services.

Full control

Provide Clear information management system that satisfies the both users and service providers.

Successful partnership

Alliex supports successful partnerships through on integrated one platform.

Digital growth Engine

Provide a variety of digital growth engines as a key partner for global financial services.

mPOS –Mobile payment Service

Provide convenient and frictionless payment experience through Mobile

Payment Authorization via connecting with Card reader or terminal by using Bluetooth

Quick transaction via Card module of POS Application

Pair it with a mobile receipt printer to truly go mobile

Give the receipt to customers in a way they prefer: printed, email, SMS, Push Msg

Available variety services by utilizing sensor of smartphone