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There are hundred reasons why should not do it. However, if we have one reason to carry on, we keep forward to it. What we do is based on people. “People” is the most important. We all have to work together as a team. No one can survive alone. I have no doubt that we work best as one team with partner and the workers gear up and push it toward it. We are making own value together.

Key Word 1. Challenge

Alliex always strive to create new opportunities. As the old saying “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Opportunities don’t just happen, we have to create them. Likewise, success isn’t guaranteed and there is a lot of hard work involved.

There are a lot of fears and uncertainties when we keep moving forward and doing new things. Moreover, there’s so many reason why we should not do it and there is need to take a risk. However, there’s only one reason that it would be driving force for new business. Each one finds the reason and then makes a challenge it. That is the spirit of Alliex.

Key Word 2. People

The most valuable part of our company is the people-the human capital. “People” is the greatest assets and competitiveness of Alliex. Technology and establishing and implementing strategy skills as a core value of Alliex are intangible resources.

It is not a large-scale production plant or a distribution line, it is a human capability. The people of Alliex and the people of Partner Company working with Alliex, the way these people make together is the way of Alliex.

Key Word 3. Trust

Alliex is a combination of the words Alliance and Exchange.

Alliex means “Alliance” more powerful than “Affiliate”. It was the fruit of willingness to create greater opportunities in global market by making alliance with Partner Company and sharing each other’s strengths.

It is my management philosophy to build up our ability to trust and rely on our alliance. In global competition, we think “together” rather than “alone” and consider how can keep our ahead of the curve- “today” and “tomorrow”.

This is Alliex’s imagination.