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About DCC Service

A global leader providing Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) service

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) is a customer satisfaction service makes foreign customers able to check converted amount with fixed F/X of the day to their home currency and pay immediately when they pay by a Credit card (VISA & MasterCard & JCB) at off line merchants that many foreign customers visit. Alliex is the specialized company which establishes optimized DCC and MCP service solution to meet the growing demand of payment system between foreign customers and Merchants year by year. We provide DCC/MCP Service with 23 main currencies to Duty free shops, Hotels, Baseball stadiums, Starbucks and so on.

Payment Currency

USA(USD), Europe(EUR), Japan(JPY), Singapore(SGD), Australia(AUD), Hong Kong(HKD), Thailand(THB), England(GBP), Canada(CAD), Russia(RUB), Taiwan(TWD), Malaysia(MYR), Vietnam(VND), Philippines(PHP), Mongol(MNT), New Zealand(NZD), United Arab Emirates(AED), Macao(MOP), Brazil(BRL), Kazakhstan(KZT), Norway(NOK), Saudi Arabia(SAR),Turkey(TRY)

23 currencies are supported.

Benefit of DCC


Enhanced Profitability

When you process DCC transactions, you earn a portion of the conversion fee (※ New source of revenue)

Improved Customer Service

Attracts and retains new and regular customers who have brand cards by increasing customer satisfaction via fast and transparent payment system

Reduces Customer complaints

Reduces customer complaints since payment amount is same with billing amount


Efficiency on management of funds

Since customers can check final payment amount immediately, this makes it easier for travelers to reconcile purchases when paying card balances

Risk reduction in F/X fluctuation

Conversion is made at a very competitive exchange rate at a point of sales-eliminating unpleasant surprises for consumers
when their credit card bill arrives

Accurate F/X information

through DCC OFFER, it is possible to check accurate F/X information. With DCC, customers will know exactly what their total purchase is in their home currency. (※the amount on the receipt matches that on the cardholder’s statement)

DCC Flow

Card reading

Issue a DCC OFFER(F/X information)

Select home currency

Issuing of Final DCC receipt

When the customer make a payment, DCC offer receipt in advance and F/X will be displayed on a sign-pad which is connected with DCC Service POS

After you check the DCC OFFER(F/X rate) on Sign-pad, select currency you want to make a payment then final receipt will be published.