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About Alliex

Provide differentiated service level for global financial service comes from never-ending challenge and innovation

Alliex is a leading provider in development and service of international financial solutions.
We provide card processing system development, maintenance and outsourcing, DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), MCP (Multi Currency Pricing) and MCA (Multi Currency Acquiring).
As the global business partner, Alliex will go one step forward than others to be the best service provider as developing the system to be fit with customers’ needs through continuous challenge and creating a new value.

Why Alliex

Alliex: best system development with competitive pricing for all business

Card Processing System

Based on know-how and accumulated technique by carrying out system development and maintenance, we have a self-developed card processing system that processes direct Authorization and Acquiring with Card Scheme (VISA/MasterCard/JCB).


We can provide the best service due to that our system’s business application is designed and developed with independent technique so that it is possible to customize per each customer’s needs.


Initial investment is relatively low for adapting the system and more additional services can be provided like DCC and MCP.

Use Alliex For Any Payment Service

World-leading network financial services of Alliex. Take advantage of innovative advanced payment services.

Global Financial Leader

As the Global Payment Service Provider, Alliex provides card processing services and DCC/MCP (ecommerce DCC) /MCA services in Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

Company : Alliex

Establishment: 2013 March

CEO : Byouggun Park

Card Processing System development and maintenance

Intermediary Acquiring

DCC/MCP/MCA Service Provider


Based on our diverse experience and technology, we are pursuing future-oriented challenges and developing financial network that will connects the world.


We make partnership with many financial institutions in the world and provide financial service aiming at connecting all over the world.


Innovative advanced technology keep try to meet new challenges for customer satisfaction.


We are forming a long-term trust relationship with customers by increasing their profit on the basis of providing future oriented solution.


Based on our diverse experience and technology, we enhance customer satisfaction and reliable service.

Symbol Mark

The symbol mark of Alliex expresses the basic characteristic of Global Financial business.

Blue circle means the Earth and a gift, vision of Alliex. Also the form of circle and color symbolize expandability and flexibility as a future oriented company.


Why Wait? We provide you the best payment service.