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About MCA

The payment amount is billed to the customer without any change

MCA(Multi Currency Acquiring)service enable Merchant(Online Shop) to receive settlement with same currency as its’ sales(Foreign currency)
Displayed currency should be completely matched with settlement currency. Merchant enable to receive settlement with same currency as its amount at point of sale. The same amount paid at the point of sale will be charged to the customer without any changes.

Payment Currency

USA(USD), Japan(JPY), Europe(EUR), England(GBP), Hong Kong(HKD), Singapore(SGD), Canada(CAD), Australia(AUD), Thailand(THB), Russia(RUB), Malaysia(MYR)
11 currencies are supported

Multi Currency Acquiring Service

Select your own currency while reducing risk associated with unfavorable and fluctuating Foreign exchange rates.
11 currencies are available for your payment such as USD, Yen(JYP) etc.

Benefit of MCA

exclusive payment line and issue Individual ID

Only a contract with Alliex allows you to obtain a exclusive payment line and issue a individual ID without separate contract with the affiliated card company.

Risk reduction in F/X fluctuation

The billing amount will not be changed as same amount as the customer purchase the goods. There is no need Risk management due to the F/X fluctuation.

Recurring billing

if you need recurring billing, Alliex can support to save the subscriber’s billing information on our DB, a merchants can charges automatically a cardholder for specified goods or service on a periodic basis.

Fast and secure settlement

you can set your own settlement period like daily, weekly, and monthly by merchant’s transaction volume. You receive settlement as same as you displayed in.

Easy and quick integration

It is possible to integrate with our system according to the simple and easy specifications provided by Alliex without complicated process.

Open-ended system

Open ended system enable you to provide variety payment service by single platform

Learn more about MCA !

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