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About MCP Service

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Ecommerce market has been developed rapidly without any border on the Internet, so that the importance of foreign customers is getting higher. Alliex offers MCP service which makes customers enable to pay with their preferred currency on online shopping malls as a solution which meets differentiated customer service, convenience and satisfaction. MCP (Multi Currency Pricing) service helps Online Merchants which focus on Global market.

When a customer try to pay by a credit card (VISA & MasterCard & JCB), they can pay with their preferred currency with MCP service. Shoppers in each country gain convenience and satisfaction, and merchants can expect high sales growth.

Payment Currency

USA(USD), Europe(EUR), Japan(JPY), Singapore(SGD), Australia(AUD), Hong Kong(HKD), Thailand(THB), England(GBP), Canada(CAD), Russia(RUB), Taiwan(TWD), Malaysia(MYR), Vietnam(VND), Philippines(PHP), Mongol(MNT), New Zealand(NZD), United Arab Emirates(AED), Macao(MOP), Brazil(BRL), Kazakhstan(KZT), Norway(NOK), Saudi Arabia(SAR),Turkey(TRY)
23 currencies are supported.

Benefit of MCP

MCP Merchants

Expanding Market Share

Possible to localize a websitethrough multi-currency support and expand sales targeted area

Expanding Customer Service

Providing convenient shopping environment by letting them pay with their preferred currency

Easy to apply the service

Convenient and Easy system
Possible to provide service in short time

MCP Users

Efficiency in fund management

Since customers can heck final payment amount immediately, they don’t have to wait for their bill and can manage the fund effectively

Risk reduction in F/X fluctuation

The billing amount will not be changed even if F/X is changed. Because the amount is billed with F/X provided hourly

Competitive edge on fee and transparency of transanction

The amount will be billed as the exactly same as at point of sales

MCP Flow

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